In the educational and entertaining “Pie Skills” video series, Red Tractor Pizza owner Adam Paccione offers quick kitchen tips for pizza lovers, aspiring chefs, and anyone wanting to feel more comfortable in the kitchen. Topics range from safe knife handling and prep-work tips, to brick-oven cooking techniques, to learning how to make and toss your own pizza dough.

In episode no. 2, Adam (playing Pepperoni Paccione) demonstrates the “claw grip.”

For the claw grip, curl your fingertips (including your thumb) in so that they are behind your knuckles. Then, press the food item against the cutting board with the claw grip. When using this grip, your knuckles will serve as a guide for your knife so that you don’t have to worry about cutting your fingers off!

Need a visual? Click here to watch episode no. 2: “The Claw Grip.”

Pie Skills, Episode No. 2: "The Claw Grip"

In this episode of "Pie Skills," Red Tractor Pizza owner Adam Paccione teaches viewers the claw grip technique for chopping the goods.

Once you’ve got the claw grip mastered, you can start chopping.

When cutting food, you always want to have the flat edge of the food item (in this case an apple), on the cutting board so it’s not rolling around. This will help prevent any mishaps and keep things under control.

The first cut we’ll go over is the Julienne cut.

The Julienne cut is a French culinary knife technique in which the food item is cut into long, thin strips. Think matchsticks. Just press the tip of your knife against the cutting board and slice down, through the food item. Slices should be cut evenly and consistently so that they all come out the same size.

Check back next week for episode no. 3, where Adam shows viewers how to toss pizza dough.