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Companies’ History & Milestones
2008 Sola Cafe Kagy opens
2012 the fire (closed 4 months)
2013 reopen Sola Cafe Kagy
2013 Open Sola’s Bakery on Main
2014 Pivot Sola’s bakery to include Red Tractor Pizza
2015 Sola expands to include 500 square feet of market retail space, increase
2015 Sola lands MSU’s first non-institutional foodservice contract Sola Jabs Hall opens 2015 Move Sola’s Cabaret License to Red Tractor Pizza sales increase 1.5x
2016 Expand Red Tractor Pizza’s dining room. ​Now offering 12 local beers and ciders on tap.
2017 Compass Cafe by Sola opens in Big Sky